VI.A statement of the categories :

A statement of the categories of the documents held by it or under its control


LIC of India is the largest life insurer in the country, as at 31.03.2022, it has in force -

1. Individual Policies – 28.07 Crores and
2. Group Insurance Policies(lives) of 7.87 Crores.

LIC of India holds voluminous information of policyholders. All the information about policies, terms & conditions, loan, nomination, assignment, alterations , etc, are kept in individual policy dockets.

The policy dockets of the policy holders are kept in electronic form and are accessible by any office of the Corporation. This information can be accessed by designated employees of the Corporation.

Further, each department/Office is maintaining their own documents/files and information which is accessible at the respective Offices.

Employees records are maintained by the Personnel & Office Services department of respective office. There are nearly 1,04,079 employees working in the Corporation.

There are nearly 13,26,432 agents attached to various offices of the Corporation. The agency dockets are maintained in the respective offices to which agents are attached.

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