How do I Register?

  • Login to http://www.icicibank.com/ using your internet banking userid and login password.
  • Go to Billpay section.
  • Click on the "Register a biller" tab. LIC is an "All India biller" ie any ICICI Bank customer can register and pay his LIC bills on ICICIBank.com.
  • After selecting LIC, you have to fill in your policy details.
  • You can select the manual option or the Autopay option. Under Autopay, you can choose to automatically pay the bill on the duedate. There are again two options under Autopay. You can either choose to pay the bill only if the bill amount is within your specified limit or pay all the bills presented to you.
  • Once registered, you are ready to pay your bills.

How do I Pay?

  • Once registered for manual bill payment, you will be presented the LIC premium bill from the next billing cycle.
  • You will also receive intimation from us via an email sent to your email id that your bill has been presented to you.
  • To view and pay your bill online, you will have to login to http://www.icicibank.com/ and go to Billpay section.
  • You can view the details of the presented bill. Using your transaction password, you can pay the bill immediately or schedule it for a future date.
  • You can take a printout of the payment for future reference. You can always view the past bills paid online.
  • You will continue to get your physical bills form LIC.

In case you do not have your ICICI Bank Internet Banking UserID / Password, please click here.

For further information on ICICIBank.com Bill Pay facility, please click here.

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